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What to Look for in a Maui Snorkeling Tour

Most people come to Maui for a limited time, which means that the activities you participate in matter! Whether you have snorkeled before or this is your first time, you want to make an informed decision. That’s why it is important to know what makes a snorkel tour stand out and leave you feeling like you made the best choice.

There are several factors to consider when you are looking for a Maui snorkeling tour. We believe the most important one is experience. Maui Snorkel Tours is powered by Suzzy Robinson, who has lived on Maui for 31 years, and Jeffery Taylor who was born and raised on Maui. In addition, their knowledge is extensive in both marine biology and the ways of the ocean. Suzzy created Maui Snorkel Tours over 20 years ago, and currently introduces about 2000 people a year to the reefs and waters of Hawai’i.

The Maui Snorkel Tours experience really begins when you book your tour. Whether you book online through our new fun interactive website, or you call to make your reservation by phone  at 808-268-9840 with our team full of Aloha, you are sure to have a professional and welcoming experience!

Of course you want to factor in all the details of the actual snorkel tour, which can make or break your experience. First off, think about having a shore-based tour versus a big boat tour. On a big boat tour there is less personal attention, less learning, and more people to interrupt your viewing experience. Most of the boats go to the same place, Molokini Crater, which is beautiful, however can become crowded due to the mass of boats that tour there.

Maui Snorkel Tours shore-based tours are unique because there are generally no more than 7 snorkelers, and the morning is molded to whoever is joining for that day. They are also personally attuned to individual skill levels… this means individualized attention and education! The pace is leisurely and not rushed, which also makes a big difference in what you get to see on your tour. But what really stands out is our warm, personal guides that leave our snorkelers with smiling faces.

So how do you find the best snorkeling tour for you on Maui? Social media is what most people use, and reading reviews is a great way to learn about other people’s perspectives and experiences. Maui Snorkel Tours was honored to receive the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor® for both 2013 and 2014! In addition, we have been receiving great reviews on Yelp and connecting with more people on Facebook.

At the end of the day, referrals and rave reviews from friends, as well as word of mouth recommendations are the most important keys to knowing you are on your Maui path. We hope your path leads to Maui Snorkel Tours, and that you found these tips useful in your search for the best snorkeling tours on Maui. We look forward to snorkeling with you!

Much Aloha,
Maui Snorkel Tours Team