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Maui Snorkeling: Mermaids and Merfolk

Are you wondering what snorkeling has to do with mermaids? Take a moment to think about what comes up when you think about mermaids, or merfolk (let’s not forget about the mermen!). Merfolk are magical and mystical… just like the world of snorkeling!

Mermaids have grasped the imaginations of the public for a long time. They have wowed us in hit movies & Disney movies, and dazzled us in documentaries, paintings, and fairy tales. There is something so fascinating about human-like beings who are able to live underwater, they catch our attention. Perhaps it is because we are longing for that experience, which is what snorkeling brings to us. Here are a few facts about these mysterious creatures before your next snorkel trip;

  • In old English, the literal translation of “mer” means “sea” and “maid” means woman. Mermaids are therefore “women of the sea”.  Thus, a “merman” would be a “man of the sea”. Merfolk are mythical fish-like people that swim thru the oceans and seas.
  • In some of the legends of the pacific islands, it is said that human beings are descendants from merfolk. The stories say that somewhere in time their tails dropped off and they evolved into people who were magically able to walk on land. For example, within these legends are tales about the creator god Vatea who was usually depicted as half man and half fish.
  • It is said that Aquamarine, the gemstone of the sea, is sacred for mermaids. The mythological value of this stone is that there is an old belief that it came from the tears of mermaids. Sailors held Aquamarine as a treasure that they believed had the power to protect them while they were at sea, or if they fell into the water.

So how can you apply all of this to your snorkeling experience? Relax, mermaids love to have fun and so do snorkelers! The act of snorkeling itself is peaceful and graceful. Your feet have flippers on them which allows the lower half of your body to propel you through the water, just like the merfolk! Maui Snorkel Tours likes to share with their guests (especially the kids) that as you snorkel, you grow a mermaid tail. When you are a beginner, your tail is small and by the time you finish your snorkel tour you will have a full grown tail! Be sure to have Suzzy or Jeffery show you the merfolk handshake to complete your magical journey!

Get started right now and book your snorkel tour – come experience what it is like to explore the ocean like the merfolk! Remember, when you are snorkeling with Maui Snorkeling Tours, you never know what you might find snorkeling next to you. We look forward to snorkeling with you!

Much Aloha,
Maui Snorkel Tours Team