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Snorkeling with Sea Turtles in Maui, Hawaii

“When you look something wild in the eye, and it looks back at you, you see it for the first time.” ~Unknown

We invite you to step back in time to discover and experience the wise old sages of the ocean with Maui Snorkel Tours!

A very gentle creature, the Hawaiian Honu (sea turtle) is an ancient marine species and is the only indigenous reptile to the Hawaiian Islands. In Hawaiian culture the Honu is honored for its’ wisdom and worshiped by many as their ‘aumakua’ – the ancestral spirit guide that protects and directs them throughout their lives. They represent longevity, safety and mana (spiritual energy).

Sea turtles in Hawaii were at one time endangered but are now protected, and much effort has been made to save these ancient creatures. The experts at Maui Snorkel Tours will ensure that you maximize your snorkel experience and maintain a healthy interaction with them.

The sea turtle’s shell, or “carapace” is streamlined for swimming through the water.
At Maui Snorkel Tours, we frequently refer to them as “space cruisers” – they really are like space ships gliding through the sea. To watch them cruise around you while snorkeling will definitely be a highlight of your trip!

The magical sensation of a close encounter with turtles is unmatched by any other experience. If you have not had a chance to snorkel with our sea turtles, now is your opportunity.

If you have already had the privilege, then you know the excitement, so come join us!

We look forward to snorkeling with you…

Much Aloha,
Maui Snorkel Tours Team