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Maui Whale Watching Season

Just when you thought that your Maui vacation was perfect (because you booked a snorkel tour with Maui Snorkel Tours, of course)…surprise, it’s also whale season! Every winter when the ocean begins to get colder in Alaska, thousands of North Pacific humpback whales leave their feeding grounds and embark on a 6-8 week journey south to the warmer and safer breeding waters of Maui. For this reason, the presence of these gentle giants greatly enhances the appeal of Maui as a prime winter vacation destination.

Maui’s whale season is officially between December 15th – May 15th, with peak activity occurring between January and March. Whale calves are born in the warm Maui waters and drink the rich milk of their mothers until the great humpback migration back to Alaska. During the summer months there, the humpbacks will gorge themselves on schools of krill and small fish. The whales do not eat while they are in Maui waters; it is specifically time for birthing and breeding.

Because they are the most dense population of humpbacks in the world, the splashes and spouts of these whales are plentiful and easily spotted (even with the naked eye!) during peak season. What a bonus on a snorkel tour! Watch them breach from the beach as you prepare for your tour and feel the anticipation build. Then you will snorkel into the unknown with the song of these gentle giants ringing in your ears underwater.

Since we treat you to a marine biology briefing as part of your tour with Maui Snorkel Tours, you will have the opportunity to learn and ask questions about these whales.

So visit Maui during whale season to enhance your vacation, and book a once-in-a-lifetime snorkel tour with Maui Snorkel Tours online or via email.

We look forward to snorkeling with you!

Much Aloha,
Maui Snorkel Tours Team